Fresh Juice

Lee's Produce department offers a large selection of freshly squeezed juices in the store every morning.

The most famous of these juices is Lee's fresh squeezed orange juice. This orange juice is prepared with fresh Valencia oranges, a sweet variety of orange most popular for juicing. This fresh orange juice is 100% juice, no sweeteners, preservatives or flavors are added. A small orange juice is packed with anywhere from 6-9 whole oranges and is squeezed in the store every day. It is a quick, healthy option for a morning pick-me-up for the entire family.

In addition, Lee's produce carries an entire line of fresh squeezed lemonades, limeades, and smoothies available in a variety of flavors. Each of these is squeezed in store to ensure the freshness and quality you have grown to trust.

  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
  • Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
  • Huckleberry Lemonade & Limeade
  • Mango Lemonade & Limeade
  • Raspberry Lemonade & Limeade
  • Coconut Lemonade & Limeade
  • Pomegranate Lemonade & Limeade
  • Peach Lemonade & Limeade
  • Strawberry Lemonade & Limeade
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Pina Colada Smoothie
  • Mango Orange Smoothie
  • Peach Orange Smoothie
  • And more!