Fresh Made Salsa

Lee's Marketplace carries a large variety of fresh, made-from-scratch salsas that are made in store every day. No matter the flavor you are craving, any one of Lee's signature salsas are sure to please your palate. Whether you are searching for a traditional option in the Lee's Fresh Salsa or going exotic with a pineapple mango, or a sweet kick with the raspberry salsa, Lee's has your craving.

All Lee's Salsa is made in-store every morning with the freshest quality produce. Team members hand pick the highest quality produce for the ingredients and are highly trained with Lee's favorite recipes.

Try one of these varieties today:

  • Lee's Fresh Salsa
  • Lee's Rockin Raspberry Salsa
  • Lee's Mango Tango Salsa
  • Lee's Mean Green Salsa
  • Lee's Ramblin Ranch Salsa
  • Lee's Back in Black Bean Salsa
  • Lee's Black Eyed Bean Dip
  • Lee's Gaucho Guacamole