Local Produce

Lee's Marketplace hosts a large variety of local produce from small and mid-sized family farmers within 300 miles of your Lee's Marketplace location. There are many reasons why buying from local farmers is not only healthy for the local economy but healthier and tastier for your family.

  • Freshness: Locally grown produce is crisp, and loaded with flavor. The produce is allowed to ripen and be sold when it's ready. The average produce item is picked before it is ready and then travels 1300 miles to reach your dinner plate. In contrast, local produce is picked when it's ready, and sold at its peak, creating a stronger, more memorable flavor.
  • Sustainability: Local farms tend to use fewer pesticides and antibiotics, reducing the chance of contamination.
  • Variety: Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a large variety of more than 100 different fruits and vegetables grown within the state of Utah alone.
  • Community: When locally grown fruits and veggies are bought, revenue is provided for local businesses in our communities. This will help support the local family farms throughout Utah, and help them continue to thrive. This will create access for future generations to the nourishing, flavorful foods you grew up on.

During peak harvest seasons Lee's offers a more abundant offering from the local farms. This produce is spotlighted with the farmers who brought it to life. Keep an eye out while shopping through Lee's for items that are tagged as locally grown, and support your local farming families in the community.