Infused Water

Lee's Marketplace infused waters is a line that is tailored to the health conscious guest on the go. Lee's Team Members understand how important health is, and how hard it is to find healthy drink varieties that add a bit of flavor to your lives. With a hint of flavor and the freshest, fruits and citrus, it will be a nice and hydrating refreshment.

All of the produce is handpicked for the best integrity and quality and then is cleaned thoroughly to remove any residue that may leak into the water affecting the taste and health values of the produce. Once cut, all of the fruit is then chilled separately to keep the integrity of the produce and to keep the flavors strong and mixable.

The prepped produce is then added to the water to infuse the water with the flavor and health benefits available. Pick up one of our six varieties today.

  • Cucumber-Mint
  • Lemon-Cucumber
  • Lemon-Orange
  • Orange-Strawberry
  • Peach-Strawberry
  • Pineapple-Mango