Smithfield Pork

Lee's Marketplace enjoys offering the highest quality products to the guests, and the Meat Department takes pride in the Smithfield Pork offerings.

Smithfield Pork is a company based out of Smithfield, Virginia that was founded in 1936, making Smithfield, Virginia the "Ham Capital of the World". It is a company that is USDA certified and specializes in pork and only pork, ensuring that quality is high. Smithfield Pork prides themselves on the safest U.S. born and bred product offering all of their product with minimal processing and no additives, hormones or steroids. Smithfield Pork is gluten free and they work out of an environmentally friendly plant.

What all of this means, is that the pork is 20% more tender than other non-enhanced leading brands and enjoys 30% more marbling as well. The high-quality pork is never frozen and is shipped fresh, ensuring the quality that they stand for.

This high-quality meat is a natural, delicious option with every bite, tender and appetizing. From hand trimmed bacon to delicious holiday hams, Smithfield Pork's label is an assurance that it will be a delicious and natural staple to any meal.

Ask a Lee's Butcher about Smithfield Pork to find out more about the offerings available in store every day.