Fresh Made Bratwurst

Lee's Marketplace's meat department makes Lee's signature bratwurst in-house every day. These bratwursts are made from the freshest ingredients with natural pork casings. Pork is ground fresh by Lee's butchers and then seasoned with Lee's signature seasoning blends. This creates a fresh, tender, juicy bratwurst that comes from a company you can trust.

These bratwursts are a favorite throughout the community, a staple at all Lee's Grilling Events with their Original Pork Flavor.

Lee's Signature Bratwursts are available in multiple flavors, all ground and created fresh in store.

  • Lee's Signature Original Chicken Bratwurst
  • Lee's Signature Jalapeno Chicken Bratwurst
  • Lee's Signature Original Pork Bratwurst - Community Favorite
  • Lee's Signature Jalapeno Pork Bratwurst
  • Lee's Signature Jalapeno Cheddar Pork Bratwurst

Pair a Lee's Signature Bratwurst with a bag of Lee's Fresh Made buns for the perfect combination at any grilling event.

Call ahead for large orders for your next neighborhood grilling party.