Fresh Ground Beef

Lee's Ground beef is ground in store by Lee's Butchers every day. This creates an availability and offering of meat that is fresh, that is inspected, and can retain the quality standards that Lee's is known for. All of Lee's Ground beef is made from Certified Angus Beef grinds to ensure the highest quality flavor available.

Currently, Lee's offers three different varieties of ground beef: 80% Lean, 85% Lean, and 93% Lean. Lee's Butchers also create Lee's Signature Patties packing them in-storewith freshness and that quality taste Lee's guests have grown to expect.

Because the meat is ground in store by the experienced butchers, it means that custom grinds are possible. Whether you need a chuck or round, Lee's butchers will be able to take care of that for you.

Enjoy Lee's ground beef today for dinner, having the surety from your Lee's Team of Butchers that the quality and flavor will be unmatched.