Sushi Kabar

Lee's Marketplace hosts Sushi Kabar in the deli department to provide guests with high quality, delicious sushi.

Sushi Kabar is their own company that works in Lee's Marketplace. The chefs are highly and rigorously trained within their company to provide guests with tasty, yummy and safe sushi. Sushi Kabar chefs are passionate about sushi, and are constantly creating new sushi rolls and are more than capable and willing to create custom rolls to order. Sushi chefs are friendly and outgoing, wanting to share their passion with those around them.

Sushi Kabar uses Japanese rice in all of their sushi, as it's the best in the world. This rice creates a firmer and sticker texture, and a strong quality and value to the roll. They also use AAA tuna for nigiri sushi rolls, it is the highest quality, and is tuna that you can trust. They use the right, high-end vinegar to create a perfectly balanced roll, removing the need to substitute for sugars and salts like other companies.

These talented sushi chefs make all of the rolls every day with high-quality ingredients, making it so that the only sushi sold is the freshest it can be. Since these chefs are making each individual roll they have a thorough knowledge of the ingredients, and tastes of each roll. They can make a gluten-free roll, or help give advice on spiciness and flavors.

The sushi chefs are professionally trained on food safety, prep, and care. They hold themselves to a high standard of quality and take pride in their work.

Meet your local Sushi Kabar chef and try some delicious sushi today!