Gourmet Cheeses

Lee's Marketplace Deli has a love for gourmet cheese and a passion for learning about new varieties that can be added to Lee's offerings. Lee's carries a wide variety of artisan gourmet cheeses, from imported cheese to local favorites such as cheeses produced by Gossners, Heber Bailey, and Beehive.

The companies Lee's buy from are passionate about cheese and understand the difference between an artisan gourmet and everyday varieties.

If you know of a variety of cheese you would like to see in our stores, reach out to your local deli manager today.

Keep an eye out for these brands and so much more!

Heber Valley Cheese - Midway, Utah

Heber Valley's Award-winning cheese is a local favorite. With cows that experience superior care, enjoy free roaming and are grass fed, they use only premium milk from cows that are fed GMO-free feed.
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Beehive Cheese - Uintah, Utah
Since 2005 Beehive Cheese has prided itself on creating premium cheeses the old-fashioned way. Beehive uses milk used solely for cheesemaking, with milk from stress-free cows. With strict standards for antibiotic-free milk, Beehive holds true to their standards.
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Montchevre - Preston, Wisconsin

Montchevre Goat Cheese is now the leading goat cheese producer in the United States. Made with French traditions and the experience of a 4th generation cheesemaker, all of their cheese is made with the highest quality ingredients. Montchevre has certified non-GMO products available and is working to become a fully non-GMO company.
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Bel Gioiso - Green Bay, Wisconsin

An Italian cheese company that started over a century ago with recipes brought with the founding family from Italy. Their tradition of excellence has carried through the years and brought high-quality artisan cheese to the US.
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Sartori Cheese - Plymouth, Wisconsin

Sartori cheese is a 4th generation family-focused company. Sartori cheese is free of added hormones made with the highest quality milk. All of their cheeses are created with pride and years of knowledge and expertise.
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President - France

President is a high-end cheese brand born out of Laval, Mayenne in France. It was created with the Camembert to share the French pride of 'everyone is a president'. President's award-winning Camembert cheese has now become the most famous of their varieties.
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Old Croc - Australia

Old Croc prides itself on being all natural, non-GMO and no added hormones. All Old Croc cheese is crafted with milk from Grass Fed Cows that graze on the rich, fertile soil of the pastures of Australia.
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