Sometimes your event needs more nibble foods or small snackable options before lunch or dinner. Whether it's a baby shower, an important meeting or, reception food, there is a large variety to choose from.

When you buy a party tray from Lee's you know that all of the ingredients are the freshest and highest quality. Catering orders are handled with care and pride. Party trays are filled with the freshest and cleanest produce, and cheese trays are filled with fresh, high-quality cheese.

Choose from a large selection of Party Trays available:

  • Veggie Tray
  • Fruit Tray
  • Cheese & Cracker Tray
  • Spinach Dip & Bread Tray
  • Meat & Cheese Tray
  • Assorted Meat Tray
  • Cheese Tray
  • Specialty Cheese Tray
  • Wing Tray
  • Seven Layer Dip Tray
  • Dollar Roll Sandwich Tray
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich Tray
  • Croissant Sandwich Tray
  • Pinwheel Sandwich Tray
  • Condiment Tray
  • Salad Tray

Place your special party tray order today!

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