Lee's Cares

Lee's Cares is a Foundation that was created in 2015. It was founded to be able to reach out, donate, and sponsor programs that will create a better community and world to live in.

Through Lee's tireless efforts to support and reach out to members and groups within the community, it became apparent that there needed to be another avenue to do so. A decision was made to create a Foundation that could help emulate all of those outreach programs, and to create opportunities within the local communities for a better tomorrow.

Since its founding, Lee's Cares has hosted the ALS Golf Tournament each year. The majority of proceeds from this event go towards ALS research with Brain Chemistry Labs. The remainder is used by the foundation for its donations and support of the community and local non-profits, such as The Family Place and Common Ground.

Mission Statement

'Lee's Cares Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for education, research, recreation, support and growth to children, families, those with disabilities or physical afflictions, and members of the public in a nurturing and supportive environment. This mission will be accomplished with integrity, respect, honesty, and service.'

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