Food Drive

Lee's Food Drive has been going on each Holiday season since 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity for Lee's guests to support their local communities with the help of Lee's Marketplace.

Every year Lee's guests have the opportunity to donate a monetary amount through the check stand over Thanksgiving through the end of the year. This is a wonderfully giving time of year where many have much to give and are in a position to be able to. Throughout the years that Lee's has sponsored this Food Drive, thousands of dollars have been earned in each community.

During and after the Food Drive, the Food Banks are able to order food that is needed throughout the following months when donations are difficult to come by. This promotion helps Food Banks to be able to order specific products that are needed at specific times. This keeps Food Banks from being overwhelmed with more product than is needed at any given time.

The Food Banks and stores coordinate needs and delivery times, in which the stores will load up all of the food they have ordered, delivering it right to their doorstep.

During the Food Drive, Lee's Marketplace donates $10,000 each year towards its local Food Banks. The rest of the large total is donated by Lee's loyal guests.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the communities to outreach and help their neighbors during tough times. Lee's couldn't have as successful of a Food Drive without the continued support and donations from each of you in our communities, so we would like to say Thank You!

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