Artisan Bread

Lee's old world artisan bread

  • Each loaf is individually hand crafted by our skilled artisan bakers
  • Time is our secret ingredient, every loaf is created with a two day natural process
  • Each loaf is molded and shaped into a unique loaf that is delicious and nutritious
  • We use simple natural recipes without additives or preservatives
  • We always use high quality ingredients

Artisan bread is defined as:

  • Minimal ingredients-flour, salt, yeast, water, vit c ok --fat may be added to some artisan breads like sweets, but usually not for traditional crusty breads such as baguette. Inclusions ok
  • Hand/craft process-usually handled individually, hand process involved which results in unique and individual appearances-not consistent or processed in large batches. Mechanical mixing and some shaping ok-i.e. Artisan croissant using a sheeter ok, moulding with baguette moulder ok
  • Made by trained "craft bakers"-whom are focused on the art and/or trade of bakery. La brea and cottage both walk the line on being unable to state this due to the heavy machinery and lack of artisan work.
  • No artificial flavors additives or preservatives
  • Usually incorporating a long fermentation time-slow or overnight proofing, using retarder, etc.

All of the otentic and sapore formulas are all natural, ingredient statement correct, and meeting guidelines for an artisan bread program. Otentic and sapore are both flour or grain based ingredients produced in an all natural fermentation process using no artificial additives. Otentic is a sourdough starter, dried for use in store. Otentic contains vitamin c-ascorbic acid as an improver to assist in dough tolerance in the wide variety of flour harvests around the world. Vitamin c has been used very commonly as a natural oxidant in old world baking, very period to see lemon juice or cream of tartar added historically to affect ph in bakery items to improve oxidation.