Thank you, Bob Obray

Nov 21, 2022, 4:31:37 PM

Bob Obray, late President and CEO of Associated Food Stores (photo courtesy of AFS)

We are forever grateful this holiday season for our partnership with Associated Food Stores. From the very beginning Associated has helped out the Lee’s organization with food supply, technology support, and overall operational strategy. Through the many years they have been a friend and strength to our stores. We have had the privilege of having the past three CEO’s serve on our advisory Board of Directors, we are grateful for each of their perspectives and counsel. We wouldn’t be where we are as a company without their generous help and insight. 

We especially give thanks for the time we had to enjoy the company of Robert (Bob) Obray.  Bob lost a devastating battle with a brain disease this past year. We are eternally grateful for his many years of friendship and care for our Lee’s Company. 

We miss him and know he is missed greatly in our industry. We will strive to remember the many things he taught us as we forge ahead on this journey to feed families around the dinner table! 

This Thanksgiving we are grateful to all those who work, support, and shop all of our Lee’s stores. We couldn’t do it without our team or guests. 


Jonathan Badger

President/ CEO 

Lee’s Marketplace

Watch a tribute to Bob's Legacy here