Kelly: Your Friend at Lee's

Jan 30, 2023, 10:29:13 PM

If you’ve shopped in the North Ogden Lee’s, you’ve most likely been greeted by this smiling face at the customer service desk. 

“Being friendly establishes connections with other people,” Kelly says, “A smile and a wave goes a long way with both guests and coworkers. Not only do the guests leave with a smile, but I establish a good circle of people at work that I can talk to and get help from.”

What sets Kelly apart even further in her actions is how genuine they are. North Ogden’s store director, Jeff Price, shared that Kelly is “Honest with her everyday effort, honest with her work ethic, honest with her attitude and kindness, honest about her friendliness.” Kelly is always going the extra mile to help with a smile out of genuine kindness and consideration for others.

Kelly represents the best of Lee’s, and we are grateful for many other team members who work every day to ensure that guests not only receive the highest quality products, but that they receive the best and friendliest service as well. If these qualities matter to you in a workplace, check out job openings at a location near you!