Lee's Thanks Local Farmers

Nov 18, 2022, 9:05:29 PM

As we approach Thanksgiving, our thoughts have turned to how fortunate we feel here at Lee's for the incredible people that contribute to our company and community. Many of those wear the Lee's apron and smile as you come through the door, but many are working behind the scenes. Ron Jensen of Green Canyon Farms shows in this picture just how much individual care they place into their farms.

Pictured: Ron Jensen, owner of Green Canyon Farms

Today, we want to extend a special thank you to the farmers who bring such incredible produce to our stores every day. Here at Lee's, we are committed to providing freshness and quality in our products and we could not accomplish that goal without the help of these individuals. The care that they place in their produce is unmatched, and they do all they can to ensure what you are taking home to your family is something they wouldn't hesitate to serve to their own. When you buy produce from Lee's, it's more than likely it was picked that very morning from a farm just minutes from your home.

To all of our amazing local farmers and growers, THANK YOU! The long hours of hard work you put in to help our communities and our stores is something we will always be grateful for. We have received a beautiful harvest this year, and we look forward to a wonderful meal next Thursday!